Whitstable Quay Wave Cut Off Wall



Canterbury City Council


Key Points

  • Extensive tidal working

  • Innovative use of lightweight plant

  • Mitigation of working at height and over water


Contract Value






Steadline were contracted to construct the protection works to the west quay in Whitstable harbour, wave impact to the quay was causing uplift and vibration to the existing suspended slab; resulting in structural damage to the deck soffit slab and concrete support columns.


10 metre long steel bearing piles were driven into the London clay substrata along the length and end of the west quay, with mechanical fixings connecting these to the existing reinforced capping beam.


Between the piles a reinforced concrete foundation strip was poured, carried out under tidal shifts and from an unstable beach surface. From this foundation slab, greenheart timber lagging was fixed to the steel piles to create the new wave cut off wall. A capping beam, again made from greenheart timber, was fixed to the top of the steel piles, with a timber and rubber fender attached to each of the piles to protect the structure from berthing operations.


Steadline programmed work around the tidal movements in order to maximise productivity, with night work carried out as required.


A weight restriction on the quay’s suspended slab required the innovative use of lightweight piling equipment; a piling hammer attached to a telescopic forklift was utilised.


The risk of working at height and over water was mitigated with the use of an edge protection system and the presence of a safety boat when required.

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