Bishopstone Glen Footbridge

Footbridge and Walkway Project by Steadline

  • Project Duration: 2 weeks
  • Contract Value: £100,000
  • Year Completed: 2018
  • For Client: Canterbury City Council

Project Strategic CHALLENGES

  • 25m span timber footbridge
  • Tidal working and over pumping
  • Working within a SSSI site
  • Extremely restricted access
  • Working with Hardwood “Greenheart”

Project SYN0PSIS

Steadline installed a new 25m long timber footbridge and walkway, spanning the Bishopstone stream in order to connect the cliff side steps to the concrete seafront causeway. As part of the scheme a full refurbishment of the existing steel steps was carried out as well as minor alterations to the reinforced concrete causeway.

The beach shingle was pulled  back in order to expose the sandstone strata, following this 4m long piles were auger drilled and sleeved ready to receive greenheart timber piles. The footbridge was constructed from these timber piles using greenheart timber, including handrails, restraint bars, lapping and jointing.

The cliff side steps were mechanically stripped back, and a new protective paint system was applied to the framework and treads, with treads being replaced as necessary.

Access to the site was made via the narrow causeway, which required vehicles to reverse over a mile under banksman direction.

Other site constraints included working within a protected SSSI and working to meet tidal patterns, which also required over pumping in order to maintain a dry work area.

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